2006 Scion xA

  • 2006 Scion xA

    Scion xA
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    • Confirmed the customer's complaint and found the left rear window was inoperative. Removed the left rear door panel and inspected the left rear power window motor wiring harness and found no faults. Connected a test light in place of the left rear power window motor, activated the master door switch and left rear window switch and found the test light was illuminated, indicating the wiring and control circuit were functional. Used a set of fused jumper wires to apply voltage and ground to the left rear power window motor, and found the motor was unresponsive. The result of these tests confirmed the left rear power window motor was faulty. However the part does not exist anymore. None of our vendors carry it. Informed customer that we can get the window back up and put a bracket so it doesn't come down as well as disconnect the connector but we wont be able to replace the part. – Customer acknowledged notice and gave oral approval of estimated repairs. REMOVE ALL NECESSARY COMPONENTS. INSTALL BRACKET AND GET WINDOW TO GO BACK UP. ASSEMBLE TOGETHER AND MAKE ALL NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS. TEST ALL AFFECTED AREAS.
    RICHARD G. gave our service a 5 star review on 6/19/2024


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